Show a Little More Leg… Lamp

One of my favorite movies, A Christmas Story, inspired this post.

One of the best scenes is when the ‘old man’ gets his major award. He pries open that giant, FRAGILE box, digs through layers and layers of hay and pulls out the infamous leg lamp.

He falls in love instantly and puts it “right in the middle of our front room window.” His wife, in horror, can only utter a few moans as she watches it light up the living room and attract the attention of the entire neighborhood.

As the old man is outside making sure the lamp is straight, a neighbor asks him what it is and he proudly tells him it’s a major award and he won it.

He doesn’t care what anybody thinks in that moment. He doesn’t worry about pleasing everyone. He puts that leg lamp, HIS leg lamp, HIS award, on display for ALL to see.

I wish I was that brave. Don’t you?

When you write content for your business, are you showing your leg lamp? Are you putting yourself out there? Are you speaking your truth and not apologizing to anyone about it? Or are you writing how you think you should write. How you were taught to write. How other people write.

Vulnerability is a beautiful thing. Think about the people in your life that you love and trust the most. What is their most commonly, shared trait? I can almost guarantee it’s honesty and authenticity.

No one wants to read the same old marketing garbage they read every other day. They crave something different. They want to read something that makes them say, “If I don’t work with this person, I’ll never forgive myself.”

You have a leg lamp to show. You have a true, genuine self that hasn’t bared its soul to the world and we are waiting. The world needs your voice, your product, your service, your support, your training, your coaching…it needs YOU.

Stop worrying about the right way to write something. Don’t fret about haters and non-believers. Write to YOUR audience. You can’t please the world, so don’t try. But you can change it with your talents.

When the old man plugged that leg lamp in, it sparked. And you will feel a spark, too. When you start writing content from your heart, a surge of energy will flow through your body, just like the electric to that lamp.

I’ve only shown a little of my leg lamp to the world. I need to take my own advice. I am right there with you on this journey.

You are totally rad. (Just felt like saying rad today.)