Create. It’s Cheaper Than Therapy

I’ve made more food and around-the-house items out of Play-Doh than I care to admit. My oldest son was a fanatic for the stuff when he was younger, and even now at age 5, loves to create. If you read all the way to the end of this post, which is not that long, I’ll share some of my favorite creations. You know you gotta see those.

I’m telling you…sitting down and creating something out of Play-Doh, or with colored pencils or paint or clay – whatever your poison- is a great way to clear your mind.

I should probably be in therapy. I talk to myself a little more than I think is normal and I would benefit from someone objective sitting across from me offering advice as I spout my ridiculous anxieties and fears about life.

But hey, I’m a writer. So I’ll just put everything out right here.

Create.¬†Even if you aren’t ‘creative,’ which believe me, you are, create anyway. I am not an artist. I can barely draw a stick figure without screwing it up, but for some reason, I can get down with Play-Doh.

Write a story, a blog, a poem, a song. Paint a landscape, a portrait, an abstract work. Play an instrument. Doodle on your notepad. Develop a new dish with ingredients in your house. Design improvements for a room in your house. Craft a new coffee flavor. Make up a dance. Plan an event. Invent a new exercise.

I don’t care what you create. Just get out there and do it. Your mind focuses solely on that creation and for the ten minutes, or half hour, or entire day that you commit to this, you forget about all the other stuff happening in your life. It’s a mind cleanser. And you need it. We all do.

Ok, you made it.

Here you go: cookies, pizza and salad, pool table, record player, snow scene.