I Stopped Sitting in the Corner and THIS Happened

I call myself the ‘awkward networker’ because it’s exactly who I am. I’m super shy, unless I’m around trusted family and friends, so attending a networking event or going to a party where I don’t know anyone is more terrifying to me than the world running out of coffee beans.

Unless I’ve had a few rum and cokes in my system to break down the shyness, I really struggle.

I usually end up in the corner or on my phone, ignoring the opportunities and the potential connections. But it’s 2017 and I’ve been an entrepreneur and business owner for years and it’s time I started acting like one.

My son was invited to a birthday party last month and normally, I’d make my husband take him because I “had to work” or “had to stay home with the baby.” Always finding an excuse. But I decided I was taking him. There were going to be parents of kids he was going to school with (he just started K this year) so I knew it was important for me to go.

I walked in the place and immediately felt my heart thumping. My son ran off to hang out with his friends and there was awkward me, just kind of standing there looking at everyone.

A wonderful mom whose kid was also attending the party starts talking to me, THANK GOODNESS. I needed the initiation from someone and we struck up a conversation. We talked the entire time. I also talked to a few other parents that I hadn’t met before and I actually felt comfortable, which was super weird for me. I opened up. I asked questions. I shared information.

Normally, I just cut things off and get out before anything becomes real. This time was different.

I stopped acting like the shy 4-year old that liked to hide in her cubby in preschool (this is true) and made a powerful connection that has now changed the course of my business.

The woman I met – yeah, she’s a photographer. And guess what…she is taking business photos for me in two weeks. And I will be doing writing work for her. It was an organic and needed connection for both of us. Nothing forced, just a serendipitous meeting.

We even met at the mall the other day because she is styling me for the shoot. And that was a big deal. Getting the baby and myself out of the house, away from the writing, away from the screen, away from the housework for an hour, to just step out of my silly comfort zone and DO something different.

If this is the way this year is going to go, I can’t wait for more. I have a lot of plans and new ideas and I’m stepping out more than I ever have in the past. I can’t wait to share it with you. And I hope this year brings amazing new things for your business, too.

Do something today that you don’t normally do and watch what happens. I triple dog dare you.